Home Propane

Greenway provides:

  • Scheduled Delivery Service - Take advantage of our Scheduled Delivery Service at no extra charge.
  • Propane Tanks - Greenway has tanks in 120,250,320,500 and 1,000 gallon sizes for lease. Lease is FREE if you meet minimum use guidelines.
  • Gas Contracts Available - Contracts are available for home heating and agriculture, including grain drying.
  • Budget Billing - Have your annual propane cost divided into eleven low payments with the final adjustment made in June.
  • Cash Discounts - Pay within seven days of delivery and receive 5 cents per gallon discount.
  • Summer Fill - Take advantage of reduced prices by participating in our Summer Fill Program.
  • CETP Trained Employees - All Greenway Employees are properly trained to meet government guidelines.
  • Up to Code Systems - All systems we service are required to meet code.  We assist all customers with this process, for your safety and ours.